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Open Day - Over 100 visitors at the Ötscher

Under the motto: "That's jo nua a Hosn ;)) This opinion should be refuted!" The open day took place in our house on October 8th. This one was a complete success! The Ötscher team was able to warmly welcome 103 visitors to our house. The Ötscher tour gave you an insight into all areas of an industrial company: design, purchasing (fabric and accessories), production and finishing (embroidery and printing), storage and logistics as well as sales. The fabric and accessory properties were tested in the "Ötscher Laboratory", which was specially prepared for the open day. The demonstration of the cut protection function as well as the Gore Tex processing / welding particularly amazed the visitors. Even the youngest visitors could not get enough of the many colors and fabrics. The skills of our employees and the friendliness in the house were particularly praised. The 18 main prize winners were happy about their luck, but none of the other visitors went home empty-handed either. The visitors were surprised and enthusiastic about how many details are in our products.


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