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Workwear for industrial climbers from Ötscher

Discover our specially developed workwear for industrial climbers. Perfect protection and maximum functionality for the highest demands.

What do industrial climbers do?

Industrial climbers work in the lofty heights of a wind turbine, but sometimes also in dark industrial tanks - and like Spiderman, they stick to building walls. Industrial climbers are in demand wherever things get tricky. They work as craftsmen with special training in the construction industry, the chemical industry, together with fire departments, building technology, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers and the wind energy industry. They knock rock faces off mountain slopes, repair lightning rods on church towers and carry out cleaning and repair work.

Requirements for industrial climbers

A particularly high degree of resilience and a strong commitment are basic requirements to be able to carry out the special job of an industrial climber.


Special work clothing for industrial climbers

Reliable weather protection

Waterproof and breathable, windproof and insulating, robust and durable

Customized bag solutions

Optimal positioning for quick access, secure locking against loss, easily accessible even with gloves

Reflective elements

Strategic positioning for maximum visibility, increased safety in low light conditions


In particularly stressed areas (e.g. seat belt), additional padding for increased wearing comfort

Adjusted hood

Compatible with helmets, adjustable for individual fit

Easy & quick to put on

Ergonomic cuts and zippers, quick-drying materials

Detailed performance features

Weather protection
Waterproof, windproof and breathable for all weather conditions.
Bag solutions
Optimally positioned and easily accessible pockets for tools and equipment.
Reflective elements for maximum safety in all lighting conditions.
Additional padding and reinforced areas for increased protection and comfort.
Helmet compatible and individually adjustable for a perfect fit.
Wearing comfort
Ergonomic design and quick-drying materials for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Our offer for industrial climbers

As a manufacturer of workwear and a specialist in special collections, we develop and produce your individual PPE together with you. Our offer includes logo service, warehousing and customer web shops. Our excellent references speak for themselves - they confirm our quality and reliability.

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