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Standards for protective clothing
PPE standards

What standards exist for protective equipment and PPE protective clothing?

Are you responsible for occupational safety or work as a safety officer and would like to acquire in-depth knowledge of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the associated standards?

Then you have come to the right place! As a leading manufacturer of PPE protective clothing and protective equipment, we are constantly working with the latest standards and guidelines. Below we offer you a detailed overview of the most important PPE standards in the area of "PPE protective clothing".

If you have any questions about PPE protective clothing and its practical applications , please contact us .

EN ISO 20471 - high visibility clothing

EN ISO 11612 - Protective clothing against heat and flame

EN ISO 11611 - Protective clothing for welding

EN 1149 - electrostatic protective clothing

EN 61482 - Protective clothing for electric arcs

EN 13034 - Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

EN 343 - Protective clothing against rain and snow

EN ISO 11393-2 - Cut protection

EN 13758-2 - UV protection

EN ISO 15797 - Industrial laundry

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Definition of standards for personal protective equipment and PPE protective clothing

Risk categories of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for workplace safety. The risks that PPE is designed to protect against are divided into three categories. These categories take into account the severity of the potential hazards, from minor injuries to life-threatening situations. Below is an overview of the different risk categories and the corresponding risks that PPE is designed to cover.

Category I
Minor Risks: Superficial mechanical injuries, contact with mildly aggressive cleaning agents, moderate temperatures, solar radiation, non-extreme weather conditions.
Category II
Moderate Risks: All risks not covered under Category I or III.
Category III
Severe Risks: Harmful substances, oxygen-deficient atmospheres, biological agents, ionizing radiation, extreme temperatures, falls, electric shocks, drowning, chainsaws, high-pressure jets, projectile or stabbing injuries, harmful noise.

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