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Fashionable, long-sleeved blouse with button-down collar, slightly waisted by Viennese
Seam in the front and darts in the back, slightly rounded hem, width adjustable
Cuffs, fashionable piping made of dark blue satin on the inner collar seam,
High-quality button placket, double shoulder yoke, 4-hole buttons –
cross stitched and double knotted for extra firm hold - replacement buttons and
Double-needle stitching on the side seams. Made from pleasantly soft and easy-iron material
Jacquard knitted fabric made from a durable cotton-polyester blend.
A special knitting technique creates natural elasticity for ultimate
Comfort created.

HAKRO blouse Natural Stretch Regular DB72

SKU: DB72-00099
PriceFrom 54,38 €
VAT Included |