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Started as a "simple trading company" 75 years ago, ...

... Ötscher Berufsbekleidung Götzl GmbH has meanwhile developed into an international specialist for work and company clothing.

The history of the Amstetten company Ötscher Berufsbekleidung Götzl GmbH already covers three quarters of a century, or four family generations. In 2016, the most recent change of generations was recorded, when Ing. Mag. Thiemo Götzl succeeded his father Mag. Dieter Götzl as managing director. "A lot has happened since our company was founded by my grandfather and great-grandfather," says Thiemo Götzl. "In the products as well as in the manufacturing processes, especially with regard to social, quality and environmental standards!" Because workwear today is much more fashionable and much more functional than it was in the early years of the family business, which was founded in 1947 in a small wooden shack as a trading company. has been dealing exclusively with workwear since 1954 and was given the name it still has today in 1958. "Our aim is to implement the corporate identity of companies in clothing, regardless of the size of the company," says Thiemo Götzl, summing up the Ötscher company philosophy. "We produce almost exclusively in Europe, almost ten percent of the total quantity even in Amstetten!" He has a plausible explanation why it's not 100 percent: "Europe has long since lost the capacity to be able to produce the required quantities! I just can't get 200,000 pairs of pants!" Car manufacturers attract workers He uses an example to illustrate how times are changing and markets are shifting: “Cable harnesses are currently the biggest competitor for the clothing industry in Europe! The big car manufacturers are attracting workers from the southeast regions with significantly better wages and are thus causing a shortage for our industrial division!” The big advantage of Ötscher: The Amstetten company has been working with exclusive partner companies for decades and has backed the right horse, as Corona has also shown. The suppliers can be reached by car or truck and are only a few hundred kilometers away from Amstetten. This keeps the supply chain running and creates security.

Sustainable and of the highest quality Quality and safety are two of the most important criteria with which the "workwear with the star" has been able to score points with its customers for decades. Products regularly undergo the most demanding tests - keywords ISO 9001, ISO 14001, amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by ÖKOTEX®. Ötscher products marked with ILF (Industrial Laundry Friendly) are particularly suitable for industrial laundering. During development, design and processing, special attention is paid to the requirements of modern laundries. In particular, the materials used, such as fabrics, zippers, buttons and accessories, but also the prints, emblems and transfers meet the highest standards while guaranteeing functionality. When it comes to the manufacturing process, i.e. the processing quality, material selection, cut, etc., the Amstetten workwear professionals do not make any compromises - Ötscher has been stricter than the market for decades. If the EU is only now negotiating guidelines against “fast fashion”, Ötscher made this a premise many years ago. "Sustainability has been our topic for a long time," emphasizes Managing Director Götzl. “We think about how long-lasting workwear can be, how blended fabrics can be disposed of at the end of a useful life. And we already guarantee that we produce sustainably. Not everyone in the industry can claim that!” Thiemo Götzl continues: "More and more companies are committed to sustainability, environmental protection, social standards such as no child labor, limited working hours, fairer wages and trade union organizations. Companies such as the Volkswagen Group or Mazda Europe set high standards for their suppliers. As an example, Ötscher counts both of them among its long-standing customers for workshop clothing in Europe and worldwide!” The situation is similar with protective clothing (flame protection, chemicals or arcing faults). In addition to the aspect of long-term functionality (e.g. high visibility), the focus here is just as strong on security. You have to know that the development of a GORE-TEX High Visibility jacket alone, such as that used by Deutsche Bahn, costs the Amstetten company over 20,000 euros. The seal of approval is then valid for five years, with unannounced random samples being taken from the range every year. Furthermore, a single jacket at Ötscher takes up to 240 minutes to sew.

Uniqueness through individuality A particular strength of Ötscher is individuality. "We have created around 3,400 active customers, offer around 5,000 different items, have 280,000 parts in our warehouse and deliver to 30 countries around the world," says Götzl. "Custom made" is the umbrella term under which the wide range is subdivided. This starts with classic items such as trousers, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, etc., which are customized in up to 25 sizes and also small series with logos or colors to customer requirements. The end of the road are completely independently produced collections, which are even available for repeat orders from just one piece. "The strength of being able to respond individually to customers makes us unique in the industry," Thiemo Götzl is convinced.

Ötscher also offers standard lines via an online shop. There is also a large selection of polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts and sweaters available from stock at low prices.

Proud of a strong team Last but not least, Götzl is proud of his employees. "We are a strong and well-established team with many deserving ladies and gentlemen!" And the Ötscher managing director is also proud of his father: "I am very lucky that I have him and that I can still use his wealth of experience in my well-deserved retirement can!" Father and son Götzl have a common wish: "It would be nice if the responsible buyers in the public and private sector would also give more weight to the regional origin. The added value of national manufacturers ensures the prosperity of all of us and better products for the purchasing companies. This is what we have stood for for 75 years, and this is what our heart will continue to beat for in the future - as a reliable partner for industry, trade and the public sector!" (red./PR)


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