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Ötscher-Berufskleidung celebrates employees at its annual Christmas party

At this year's festive Christmas party at the Stadthotel Gürtler in Amstetten, Ötscher-Berufskleidung honored 21 of its employees for their many years of loyalty to the company. The annual honoring of employees for their length of service is an integral part of the corporate culture and reflects the appreciation of the dedicated team.

Special mention was made of Isabella Engl for her impressive 35 years at Ötscher and Maria Hofer and Erika Hülmbauer for their 30-year anniversaries. These long years of service symbolize the deep commitment and dedication of our employees.

Rosina Lindenhofer, Marion Wagner and Stefanie Thye were also honored for 20 years, as well as Sonja Raab, Antonija Redl and Marica Vukovic for 15 years of service. Amanda Bruckner, Danijel Gavranvonic, Erika Ciskova, Michaela Beham, Margit Leitner, Maralchimeg Oyuntogtoih and Margit Ritt were honored for 5 years of service.

The ceremony also provided an opportunity to bid farewell to Monika Auer, Ingrid Radwan, Anna Geyrhofer, Erna Lehenbauer and Rosemarie Peterson on their retirement and to pay special tribute to their many years of service.

"These honors express our gratitude and recognition for the loyalty and dedication of our employees," explains Ötscher's management. "Each individual makes a significant contribution to our success."


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